The importance of good ventilation and healthy air

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During the COVID pandemic, the importance of proper ventilation was widely discussed to lower the risk of COVID 19 infections. According to researchers, there was a risk of airborne contamination in poorly ventilated areas. While this was extra important during the pandemic, proper ventilation can also help to reduce other airborne impurities and pathogens in a room. therefore it is important to continuously exchange indoor air and to properly ventilate.

Among others, it is advisable to take a number of measures into account regarding ventilation (Based on guidelines of the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Associations, REHVA).

  • Make sure there is sufficient fresh air supply, especially in areas where the average occupancy rate is somewhat higher. Meanwhile, make use of both mechanical ventilation systems and the existing regular airing with windows.
  • Ventilate more than usual for the time being. Normally, a fresh air supply of 30 to 40 m3/h per person is maintained, but in 'corona times' it is advisable to maintain, for example, 60 m3/h per person as the absolute lower limit.
  • If present, turn off central and decentral recirculation and use outside air only. It is not advisable to disperse extracted air (or part of it) in other places throughout the building. Also pay attention to the air conditioning system, as many air conditioners only circulate.
  • If there are no mechanical ventilation systems or if insufficient capacity is available, instruct building users to open windows more frequently than usual.

It is often difficult for restaurants, bars, gyms, halls, etc. to adjust things within the current systems. Thanks to their flexible nature, fans are often easy to use in various applications as extra support. Our wide range of fans can contribute to:

  • Good ventilation for comfort and well-being;
  • Good air exchange.

Specific recommendations may differ per industry/company/hall. In buildings such as schools, offices and restaurants, it is recommendable to translate the advice to your specific situation and to make smart choices about what to do and what not to do. Do you have any questions about the use of fans? Feel free to contact our specialists!

Check out our range of fans that are used for ventilation here: Exhaust Fans
In addition, our mobile fans that can be used flexibly can be found here: Mobile Fans

At Vostermans Ventilation, we are familiar with the importance of a healthy indoor climate. Within, among others, the agricultural sector, we have experience with ventilation concepts since 1952 and we understand the necessity. For example, a stable climate has a significant impact on the health of livestock and good ventilation prevents diseases and disorders. The right ventilation and fans ensure:

  • Cooling
  • Removal of harmful substances and gases
  • Fresh air supply

REHVA COVID-19 guidance document:

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published on August 18, 2020

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