IE2 efficiency regulation update

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At Vostermans Ventilation we continuously strive to improve our products and comply with ever changing regulations. Since July 1st, 2023, a new regulation took effect within Europe, which requires that 1-phase fan motors can only be sold if they meet at least the IE2 efficiency standard. This development has created significant challenges for numerous fan manufacturers, especially those who focus on reliability and thus use AC motor technology. We have embraced this challenge and managed to develop a new generation of AC motors that meet the requirements of the new Eco-design Regulation 2019/1781 (IE2 for single-phase motors of 0.12à1000kW). Thanks to recent updates, our fans are still controllable via traditional control techniques as well as complying with future ErP directives.

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A great achievement by our R&D department, even more so as it becomes increasingly clear that many fan manufacturers are struggling to meet this new standard and have to compromise.

For you as a customer this means that you don't have to worry that your new Multifan or EMI fans will no longer meet the new regulations. No compromises have to be made. Our durable products offer the same level of reliability and control capabilities while meeting the most stringent efficiency standards. We are proud to have achieved these technological advances without any compromise on quality and reliability.

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Additionally, we understand that other suppliers may not be able to meet these new guidelines or have to compromise on another front. If you are looking for replacement fans, we are ready to assist you in exploring your options. Please feel free to contact us to do so.

We believe in a future where high-quality fans go hand in hand with environmental awareness. With our new generation of AC motors, we want to have a positive impact on both your business performance and the environment. In addition to the minimum IE2 standard, we also have a range of fans that meet IE3 and above. With our ECplus and Vplus technologies, we combine outstanding performance and robust quality with high energy savings.

Contact us to find out how our wide range of products can meet your specific needs. We are at your service.

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published on August 15, 2023

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