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Circulation fans for creating an ideal indoor climate

Circulation fans are often used for mixing indoor air to create a uniform indoor climate. In addition, circulation fans are used during hot periods to blow air over people or animals, creating a wind-chill effect.

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Vostermans Ventilation Circulation Fans

Circulation fans

Our range of circulation fans offers a solution for every indoor climate challenge. We offer fans that are specifically designed to evenly distribute air in an energy-efficient way. Vertical or horizontal airflows improve temperature and humidity differences, creating a uniform climate.

In addition, we offer circulation fans that ensure that animals or people are kept cool. A solution that can help prevent heat stress and keep animals healthy.

How do I easily mix air?

When using circulation fans, we calculate the reach of the airflow coming out of the fan in an infinite space without obstacles. This distance is also called the throw of a fan. In order to mix the air well, it is important that the fans are placed hanging in the air stream. This way, you blow the air from fan to fan.

Environmental factors such as external airflows or obstacles near the airflow, as well as practical factors such as lowering the speed of the fan, affect the throw distance of the fan. In order to mix air well and efficiently, it is important that the fans do not hang too far apart.

Our circulation fans

To achieve the circulation challenge of your company

Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan
Horizontal Circulation Fan

This fan recirculates air over a long distance, quickly creating a uniform indoor climate.

  • Available in a variety of designs
  • For high temperatures and humidity differences
  • Optional misting system
Horizontal Circulation Fan
Multifan V-FloFan
Vertical V-FloFan

This fan is used to create a constant airflow at animal and plant level.

  • For a uniform greenhouse climate
  • Developed for 'Next Generation Growing’ (NGG)
  • The risk of diseases is reduced
Vertical V-FloFan
Multifan Basket Fans
Basket fans

Our Basket fans are ideal for creating a cool airflow.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Widely applicable
  • High throw and air output
Basket fans
Multifan Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is extremely suitable for mixing warm upper air with cold lower air in any building.

  • For a cooling effect
  • Save on heating costs
  • For high spaces
Ceiling fan
Multifan Mobile Fan
Mobile Fans

Fresh air wherever and whenever you want. Our mobile fans are easy to move around.

  • Available in a variety of designs
  • High air capacity
  • For extra cooling on hot days
Mobile Fans
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Want to learn what benefits circulation can offer your business?

Do you have a circulation challenge, or would you like more information about circulation in the agricultural and industrial sector? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!