At Vostermans, we understand the importance of the right support

As a family business, building long-term relationships with our customers is important to us. That is why we attach great importance to helping you quickly and effectively when you have questions or when a problem arises.

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You can fully count on us

If you want us to take a look, give advice or do an analysis, please let us know. We have several in-house specialists who are ready to assist you. Thanks to our worldwide locations and our dealer network, we can assist you anywhere in the world. Are you looking for a dealer in your area? Let us know and we will send the location of our nearest dealer right to your mailbox!

In addition, you can buy spare parts from us, regardless of the age of your product. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

At Vostermans you can count on:
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Worldwide dealer network
  • Partnership
  • Specialists at your service

Scan the QR code for information about your fan

The QR code on the back of the fan motor is one of the support tools we offer our users. By scanning it, you can gain insight into the main fan specifications of your fan, and you will see a list of available spare parts.

Scan QR code
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Repairs and return

Sometimes a product has to be returned or repaired. You can register your return with us via our return and repair form. We will assist you as quickly as possible, to make sure your product is up and running again in no time.

Please make use of the form at the bottom of this page, to let us know about your return or repair. 


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Repair or return? Use this form