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Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans

Our Fiberglass Cone Fans are the right choice when looking for a fan with high air yields, low energy consumption and resistance to harsh, corrosive environments such as, for example, pig barns.

Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan L

High stable pressure range

Thanks to their unique design, these fans have a high-pressure range. Perfect for usage in pad cooling, air filters, and agricultural drying applications.

ECplus Vplus

Available in an energy-efficient Vplus variant

Save energy with the optionally available Vplus technology. Vplus fans are one of the most energy-efficient fans available worldwide. Also available with a Direct Drive option


Energy-efficient axial fans
harsh environments

Resistant to harsh environments

These fans are exclusively composed of corrosion-resistant materials such as high-tech engineering plastics, fiberglass and treated metals making them very suitable for usage in harsh environments.

FCF 140 12BR 3 Perp Direct Drive achter-1

Save more energy with Vplus technology, now with direct drive technology for further enhanced performance and efficiency

Our fans with Vplus technology are among the most energy-efficient fans available worldwide. Thanks to the extremely durable controller and permanent magnet technology, up to 85% of energy can be saved compared to a standard fan.

The latest edition to our Vplus portfolio is the 54” (140cm) Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan as Direct Drive. The new Direct Drive Fans incorporate the energy saving Vplus Technology to combine optimal performances with simplified maintenance. 

Learn more about the new Direct drive option for the Fiberglass Cone Fan

  • Short payback time
  • Ultimate performance/efficiency ratio
  • Maximum energy savings
  • Direct Drive Option
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Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan Vplus Pigs P

Efficient ventilation with high air yields

Thanks to their aerodynamic design, Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans are among the most energy-efficient fans available worldwide. On top of that, they are resistant to some of the most aggressive climates, thanks to the use of high-tech engineering plastic parts.

This makes the Fiberglass Cone Fan the cream of the crop in many respects. This type of fan is often used in large buildings, such as pig and cow barns, to efficiently refresh the air. These fans can also be used in combination with light traps or air filters.

As of February 2024, the 54” Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans are also available as Direct drive. The new Direct Drive Fans incorporate the energy saving Vplus Technology to combine optimal performances with simplified maintenance. 

  • Resistant to aggressive climates
  • Most energy-efficient fan type
  • High airflow

Technical data

Tables are based on our standard product portfolio. Please contact us for more options.

Available in Ø 45 - 140cm 18" - 54"
Max air volume 67.500 m3/h 37.700 cfm
Max pressure 125 Pa 0.5 S.P.
Vplus yes yes

Fiberglass Cone Fan - 360 view


Technical downloads

Installation manual

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Technical drawing

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Fresh air not only improves animal welfare, it is also of vital importance to pigs.

Solutions for Pigs


Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster growth.

Solutions for Poultry


Regularly refresh barn air to prevent humidity issues or create a constant flow of fresh air to prevent heat stress.

Solutions for Dairy


Mechanical ventilation during the day can help to cooldown horticultural greenhouses and reduce humidity.

Solutions for Greenhouse

The effects on the animals are significant

Jaeger farms in Keota, Iowa, The United States. Jaeger farms is owned by brothers Dane and Clint Jaeger. In total, they own 3 houses feeder to finisher based on tunnel ventilation. One of their houses uses 10x Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan Vplus 54 inch.

Clint jaeger: “We have hogg buildings with 7500 hogs on our farm. My experience with Multifan is very positive. They have a nice initial startup, they are easy to install and they are cost saving, which solves a big issue. 

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