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Multifan High Pressure Fans

Our axial High Pressure Fan is the most reliable solution for situations requiring a high stable pressure range. For that reason, our High Pressure Fans are mainly used for central exhaust systems and drying installations.

Multifan High Pressure Fan

High stable pressure range

Thanks to their unique design, these fans have a high-pressure range. Perfect for usage in pad cooling, air filters, and agricultural drying applications.


For harsh environments

These fans are exclusively composed of corrosion-resistant materials such as high-tech engineering plastics, fiberglass and treated metals making them very suitable for usage in harsh environments.

ECplus Vplus

Available in ECplus variant

Save energy with the optionally available ECplus technology. With ECplus, you can combine efficiency with high performance and reliability.

Energy-efficient axial fans
Multifan High pressure fan

Reliable during high performance

The energy-efficient and quiet High Pressure Fan can provide a stable pressure range up to 400 Pa. Thanks to the use of corrosion-resistant metals and high-tech engineered plastic parts, these fans are highly suitable for usage in harsh climates.

As a result, these fans are often used in central exhaust systems, air washers or drying installations. Thanks to the prepared mounting points, our Multifan High Pressure Fans are easy to install both horizontally and vertically.

  • Resistant to harsh climates
  • Low noise
  • Easy mounting

Technical data

Tables are based on our standard product portfolio. Please contact us for more options.

Available in Ø 63 - 92cm 24" - 36"
Max air volume 38.700 m3/h 22.800 cfm
Max pressure 400 Pa 1.6 S.P.
ECplus yes yes

High Pressure Fan - 360 view


Technical downloads

Installation manual

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Technical drawing

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Fresh air not only improves animal welfare, it is also of vital importance to pigs.

Solutions for Pigs

Industrial applications

Effectively ventilate industrial buildings with fresh air or create overpressure to prevent pests and diseases.

Solutions for Industrial
Multifan High Pressure Fan Pigs R

Save more energy with ECplus technology

ECplus fans are the ultimate combination of high performance, reliability and energy savings. Tests have shown that the ECplus fan can save up to 80% of energy compared to standard systems. The speed controller of the ECplus fan can be manually overridden to reduce operational risks.

  • Very energy-efficient
  • Optimal operational reliability
  • Fast payback period
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It's not just about good fans. It concerns the total plan.

In September 2019, the Houbensteyn Group opened the doors of its new fattening pig barn in Grubbenvorst: an innovative, world-class pig barn. The pig barn offers space for 19,000 fattening pigs spread over two floors. In the pig barn, full attention is paid to animal welfare and the environment, such as heat recovery, air scrubbers, sustainable use of residual flows, housing according to the 1 Star Better Leven [1 Star Better Living] quality mark and antibiotic-free work.

Of course, much attention has been paid to creating an optimum barn climate. An optimal pig barn climate can save much misery and money, in other words. After all, it significantly affects the resistance of the animals and infection levels. But in addition, and no less important, your operating result as well! Theme 1: Why ventilation in pig barns is so important.

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