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Industrial Applications

If you are looking to accelerate your production process by cooling down products or by providing your production hall with fresh air, we offer a suitable and reliable solution for a variety of industrial applications.

Multifan Panel Fan Industrial 2 R

Optimize your production process

In many industrial environments, drying or cooling times are a delaying factor in production processes. In some cases, for example when using transformers, cooling is of vital importance. Drying or cooling times can be shortened considerably with industrial fans that create a constant airflow. We offer various solutions — with a variety of mounting options and air volumes — depending on your situation.

In addition, we can provide you with partial products, such as a specific motor-impeller combination, for your end-product. Our fans can be found in numerous heaters, heat exchangers, hot air guns and disinfection systems worldwide.

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Improve working conditions

Keeping your staff happy is of vital importance for achieving good business results. For that reason, a pleasant and healthy working environment is essential. We offer various solutions depending on your specific situation. For large industrial buildings, for example, we offer ceiling fans that circulate air vertically. These fans enable you to cooldown your hall during the summer and spread the warm air evenly throughout the hall in the wintertime.

On top of that, we have various mobile fans available for extremely hot days. They are easy to move and position in places where extra cooling is required. For the warmer areas, we offer Panel Fans and Galvanized Box Fans. These allow hot air to be extracted from industrial halls and draw in cold air from outside the hall.

Flexible possibilities

Are you looking for a complete fan for a specific application, or a separate motor-impeller combination for your own end-product? We are happy to discuss with you how our fans can achieve the best results for you. For example, we can assess whether the combination is a sustainable solution for the application area, are able to measure the combination in our wind tunnel, and can ensure the most energy-efficient end result.

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Our fans for industrial applications

A suitable solution for a variety of industrial applications.

Multifan Basket Fans
Basket fans

Basket fans are ideal for creating a cooling airflow.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Widely applicable
  • High throw and air output
Basket fans
Multifan Mobile Fan
Mobile Fans

Fresh air wherever and whenever you want. Our mobile fans are easy to carry.

  • Available in a variety of designs
  • High air capacity
  • For extra cooling on hot days
Mobile Fans
Multifan Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is extremely suitable for mixing warm upper air in a building with cold lower air.

  • For a cooling effect
  • Save on heating costs
  • For high spaces
Ceiling Fan
Multifan Panel Fan
Panel Fans

The all-rounder among the fans that, in many cases, is positioned inside the wall.

  • Available in a wide range of diameters
  • Resistant to corrosive environments
  • If desired, also suitable for circulation
Panel Fans
Multifan Tube Fans
Tube Mounting Fans

Flexible fans that are ideally suited for integration in ducts, tubes, pipes or chimneys.

  • Tailor-made dimensions possible
  • For vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Reliable with a long service life
Tube Mounting Fans
Multifan Galvanized Box Fan
Galvanized Box Fans

These fans are easy to position in walls and are used for effective ventilation of large buildings.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Optionally equipped with a cone
  • High air volumes and stable pressure
Galvanized Box Fans
Customized solutions

Depending on your needs, we can offer a customized product that meets your requirements and wishes.

  • Motor-impeller combination available separately
  • Testing possibilities in a wind tunnel
  • Private label possibilities
Customized solutions

Choosing quality is choosing Vostermans Ventilation

Mifa, in Venlo, is a specialist in aluminium extrusion profiles. Mifa produces fully finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from ± 0.02 mm. This accuracy in aluminium profiles offers unprecedented possibilities. Due to precision extrusion, designers have enormous freedom of form, without the limitations of the customary standards. This allows the optimum product to be realised.

7 August 2018 was a dark day for Mifa. A fire broke out at the neighbours and quickly spread to a Mifa production hall. The damage could not have been foreseen. The entire press installation was unusable. Given Mifa’s growing order portfolio, it was important to put the product line back into operation as quickly as possible.

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Ask our industry specialist!

If you have any questions about industrial applications or if you want to know more about the solutions we have to offer, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!