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Poultry house fans

A good living environment will result in healthier poultry and faster and more efficient growth. Various ventilation and circulation methods have been developed to this end, depending on barn size, the outside climate and the poultry's stage of life. Benefit from our years of experience in creating an optimal poultry barn climate with a wide range of fans.

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Optimal ventilation in poultry houses

In order to grow optimally, poultry needs a healthy barn climate, in addition to good feed and water. Three important factors that influence a comfortable barn climate are temperature, relative humidity, and air speed.

An optimal barn climate ensures that your poultry feels comfortable. You can easily regulate these conditions with the right ventilation and fans. This includes cooling, removal of harmful substances and gases and supply of fresh air and oxygen.

Ventilation for poultry barns is available in a variety of forms. Examples of common systems are ridge ventilation, length ventilation, tunnel ventilation, and cross ventilation. Combinations of these systems are also possible, such as length and ridge ventilation, or length and tunnel ventilation.

Poultry ventilation types

Ridge ventilation
In ridge ventilation, the fans are mounted in ducts that are placed in the ridge of the roof and the air inlets are located in the sidewalls of the barn. This type of ventilation is usually only used for minimum ventilation. 

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Longitudinal ventilation
In length ventilation, the fans are mounted in the end wall and the air inlets on the sidewalls. A wide range of air volume can be generated by controlling the fan RPM and changing the positions of the air inlets.

Tunnel ventilation
Tunnel ventilation is often used for maximum ventilation. With the inlets located at one side of the barn and the fans located at the opposite side, air passes through the barn at high speed from the front to the back. This high airspeed creates a wind-chill effect which lowers the apparent temperature of the birds.

Cross ventilation
For cross ventilation, the fans are placed inside a sidewall. The inlets, on the other hand, are positioned in the opposite sidewall. The short distance between the inlets and the fans enables fresh air with minimum airspeed. This system allows small, but also large quantities of air exchange.

Circulation in poultry houses

Besides the ventilation methods also circulation fans are used in poultry houses. Circulation fans are mainly used to minimize temperature stratification, to improve temperature uniformity and to conserve energy. In addition, circulation fans can increase the air movement at floor level, resulting in drier litter and improved paw quality. Allowing birds to distribute themselves comfortably throughout the house.

Our Multifan and EMI fans have proven their durability and reliability in poultry barns for decades. Thanks to their high level of controllability, they can be used for either minimum or maximum ventilation. The fans are also resistant to aggressive climates and guarantee the removal of harmful substances, refreshing the air and cooling the poultry.  

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Our poultry fans

Our range of poultry farm fans help achieve a healthy environment in poultry barns.

Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan for ventilation in poultry houses
Fiberglass Cone Fans

The perfect choice when you require a fan with high air volumes and low energy consumption.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • High efficiency and air output
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Multifan Galvanized Box Fan for ventilation in poultry houses
Galvanized Box Fans

These fans are easy to position in walls and are used for effective ventilation of large buildings.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Optionally equipped with a cone
  • High air volumes and stable pressure
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Multifan High Pressure Fan for ventilation in poultry houses
High pressure fans

These extraction fans offer a reliable solution in situations requiring a high stable pressure range.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Reliable during high performance
  • For, among others, extraction systems
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Multifan Panel Fan for poultry for ventilation in poultry houses
Panel fans

The all-round fan that, in most cases, is positioned within the wall.

  • Available in a wide range of diameters
  • Resistant to corrosive environments
  • If desired, also suitable for circulation
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Multifan Tube Fans for ventilation in poultry houses
Tube Mounting Fans

Flexible fans that are ideally suited for integration in ducts, tubes, pipes or chimneys.

  • Tailor-made dimensions possible
  • For vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Reliable with a long lifetime
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Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan for circulation in poultry houses
Horizontal Circulation Fan

This fan recirculates air over a long distance, quickly creating a uniform indoor climate.

  • Available in a variety of designs
  • For high temperatures and humidity differences
  • Optional misting system
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Multifan V-FloFan for circulation in poultry houses
Vertical V-FloFan

This fan is used to create a constant air flow at animal and plant level.

  • For a uniform greenhouse climate
  • Developed for 'Next Generation Growing’ (NGG)
  • The risk of diseases is reduced
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Multifan Basket Fans for circulation in poultry houses
Basket fans

Basket fans are ideal for creating a cooling airflow.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Widely applicable
  • High throw and air output
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Multifan Ceiling Fan for circulation in poultry houses
Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is extremely suitable for mixing warm upper air in a building with cold lower air.

  • For a cooling effect
  • Save on heating costs
  • For high spaces
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Long term ventilation solution in poultry housing Poland

In Lewkowiec, a village in Poland close to Ostrow Wielkepolski, Mr. Plewiński from Piast Pasze is running his families poultry farm. In June 2016 Mr. Plewiński presented at an Open House event his brand new 34.000 birds parent stock house, in size the biggest parent stock house in Poland (32x155 meters).

Piotr Przychodni from VHP facilitated the construction by selecting and installing solutions that are state of the art, reliable, low in maintenance efforts and above all: resistant to the harsh cleaning conditions of a poultry farm.

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