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Ventilation for pigs

Significant amounts of ammonia and particulate matter are released in pig farms. Providing adequate ventilation is therefore of great importance to maintain good health. Our fans are used in barns housing different kind of pigs: from piglets to fattening pigs and from pregnant sows to farrowing departments.

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Optimal ventilation in pig barns for good health

To ensure optimal growth, in addition to good food and water pigs need a healthy barn climate. Pigs are known to be highly sensitive to heat stress, which means their feed uptake decreases at high temperatures. As a result, the milk production of farrowing sows drops which results in reduced piglet growth. Reduced growth can also be caused by lower feed uptake in fattening pigs.

In other words: an optimal pig barn climate can save much misery and money. Many of the conditions in which pigs feel comfortable can be optimally regulated with the right ventilation and fans. This includes cooling, the removal of harmful substances and gases (ammonia) and the supply of fresh air.

Pig barn ventilation comes in many forms including door ventilation, ceiling ventilation, valve ventilation, combi-ventilation, duct ventilation, and the fresh nose system. In addition, we often use a central exhaust system, which brings together the air from the entire pig house in a central air duct in order to leave the barn.

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Minimum and maximum ventilation

It is important to take the required minimum and maximum ventilation into account for any pig barn. Minimum ventilation is necessary to ensure sufficient oxygen is available inside the barn and to remove harmful substances. This type of ventilation is usually applied when outside temperatures are low, while setting up small piglets, or at night.

Maximum ventilation is usually only necessary on very hot days, for large animals or with maximum occupancy. Maximum ventilation ensures that heat and harmful substances are removed and that sufficient oxygen is available in the barn. In warm environments, cross or tunnel ventilation can also be used.

Our Multifan and EMI fans have proven their durability and reliability in pig barns for decades. Thanks to their high level of controllability, they can be used for both minimum and maximum ventilation. The fans are also resistant to aggressive climates and they guarantee the removal of harmful substances, refreshing the air and cooling the pigs.

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Our fans for pigs

To achieve a reliable solution for your pig barn

Multifan High Pressure Fan
High pressure fans

These extraction fans offer a reliable solution in situations requiring a high stable pressure range.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Reliable during high performance
  • For, among others, extraction systems
High pressure fans
Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan
Fiberglass Cone Fans

The perfect choice when you require a fan with high air volumes and low energy consumption.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Resistant to corrosive environments
  • High efficiency and air output
Fiberglass Cone Fans
Multifan Panel Fan
Panel fans

The all-round fan that, in most cases, is positioned within the wall.

  • Available in a wide range of diameters
  • Resistant to corrosive environments
  • If desired, also suitable for circulation
Panel fans
Multifan Tube Fans
Tube Mounting Fans

Flexible fans that are ideally suited for integration in ducts, tubes, pipes or chimneys.

  • Tailor-made dimensions possible
  • For vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Reliable with a long lifetime
Tube Mounting Fans

The biggest advantage is the ideal climate for the boars

Our dealer Win-Win LLC remodeled a boar stud of Pike Pig Systems in Pittsfield, IL in 2016. The new house contains 250 animal places and is equipped with five Multifan Fiberglass Vplus 54” fans to create an overpressure in the room with boars. Filters are installed for the incoming air to prevent diseases. The maximum ventilation is calculated on a 30 sec air exchange in the room.

“The fans are easy to use since there are no dip switches you have to set. Additionally, it is an advantage that there is no need for an external lightning protector. The feature we like most is the variable speed of the VPlus fans, so the airflow can be fine-tuned to the needs of the animals. 

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