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Multifan and EMI Galvanized Large Box Fans

The high-performance galvanized box fan effectively helps you to ventilate the air in large buildings. This heavy-duty fan is designed for high-velocity air circulation, making it perfect for demanding environments. Thanks to its compact design, this box fan offers quick and easy installation, taking up minimal space. In addition, the design allows the use of air filters.

Multifan Galvanized Box Fan L

High stable pressure range

Thanks to their unique design, these fans have a high-pressure range. Perfect for usage in pad cooling, air filters, and agricultural drying applications.

ECplus Vplus

Available in ECplus & Vplus

Choose optional ECplus or Vplus technology for maximum energy savings on your fans.

Energy-efficient axial fans
Easy install

Easy mounting

Thanks to their design and prepared suspension points, these fans are easy to install on-site. Whether you need a box fan or an exhaust fan, the ease of installation ensures that you can have your ventilation system up and running in no time. Installation can typically be completed within a single business day, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient operation.

Multifan Galvanized Box Fan Greenhouse P

High performance captured in a compact design

Multifan and EMI Galvanized Box Fans are often used in buildings where a lot of ventilation is required, such as chicken barns, greenhouses and factory halls. Thanks to their aerodynamic design, these fans combine high air output with low energy consumption. The box of the fan makes it easy to position the fan in a wall, and to equip your fan with add-ons such as a shutter. In addition, the Galvanized Box Fan can also be combined with light traps or air filters.

  • Dirt-repellent material
  • Low investment costs
  • Low energy consumption
Energy saving ECplus and Vplus fans R

Save more energy with ECplus and Vplus technology

Our ECplus (with Intelligent Fan Drive) and Vplus technologies (with permanent magnet motor) combine excellent performance and robust quality with significant energy savings. Up to 85% of energy can be saved compared to a standard fan.

  • Short payback time
  • Ultimate performance/efficiency ratio
  • Maximum energy savings
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Technical data

Tables are based on our standard product portfolio. Please contact us for more options.

Available in Ø 92 - 140cm 36" - 54"
Max air volume 56.800 m3/h 33.400 cfm
Max pressure 120 Pa 0.48 S.P.
ECplus and Vplus yes yes

Galvanized Box Fan - 360 view


Technical downloads

Installation manual

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Technical drawing

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Multifan Galvanized Cone Fan Poultry R

Improve performance by around 10% thanks to the cone

Galvanized Box Fans can optionally be equipped with a cone. This cone reduces air resistance, enabling Galvanized Cone Fans to move up to 10% more air. This enables you to get the most out of your fan.

  • Improved performance
  • Easy mounting
  • Optional butterfly shutter
Light trap

Control daylight hours with light traps

In order to obtain optimal breeding performance both light intensity and the daily amount of light hours must be precisely controlled. That’s why Light Traps are often used in Poultry Houses. The vertical vanes in a Light Trap reduce the daylight ingress and assure an ultimate balance between airflow efficiency and light lux



Multifan Rat Deflector

Optionally available: Set of Rat Deflectors

In some regions, animals such as rats and snakes may enter the livestock house through the Galvanized Box Fan. When these come into contact with rotating parts, there is a high risk of damage to the fan. In order to prevent this, we offer a set of 4 Rat Deflectors. These can be easily attached to the corners of a Multifan Galvanized Box Fan. A small investment to prevent future failures. Please contact our customer support for more information.



These fans are suitable for the following segments

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Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster growth.

Solutions for Poultry


Regularly refresh barn air to prevent humidity issues or create a constant flow of fresh air to prevent heat stress.

Solutions for Dairy


Mechanical ventilation during the day can help to cooldown horticultural greenhouses and reduce humidity.

Solutions for Greenhouse

Industrial applications

Our process control benefits our industrial customers and enables us to deliver ventilation products that promote efficiency and durability.

Solutions for Industrial

“Multifan ECplus stands for trustworthiness”

A clear statement of Thomas Rainey of TR Ventilation, Multifan distributor in Ireland: “Multifan ECplus stands for trustworthiness”. His company is well known all throughout Ireland for it’s specialists expertise in Pig house ventilation. “Because of our long-term knowledge, we have discovered that Multifan is the top”, so says Rainey. TR Ventilation sells and installs for more than 28 years climate systems in Pig houses and is recognized by the Pig market as ventilation expert.

Thomas Rainey mainly advises the installation of Multifan ECplus for Pig farms. He has chosen for this fan concept due to the energy efficiency, robustness and ease of installation. 

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If you have any questions about the Galvanized Box Fan or if you want to know more about the solutions we have to offer, please contact us and we will be happy to help you! 


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