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Multifan and EMI Tube Mounting Fans

Due to its high levels of flexibility, the Tube Mounting Fans seamlessly fit every application. Since, the Tube Mounting Fans are available in custom sizes, they can be placed in any duct, tube, pipe, or chimney. Thanks to its flexible dimensions, this product is also ideal for OEM applications.

Multifan Tube Fans
Custom made

Custom solutions for the best results

We can produce customized suspension and impellers so that they fit seamlessly with your application.


High stable pressure range

Thanks to their unique design, these fans have a high-pressure range. Perfect for usage in pad cooling, air filters, and agricultural drying applications.


Available in an energy-efficient ECplus variant

Save energy with the optionally available ECplus technology. With ECplus, you can combine efficiency with high performance and reliability.

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Multifan Tube Fan Pigs P

The power of flexibility in a standard fan

Flexibility is our strength. Thanks to our extensive range of motor-impeller combinations and flexible dimensions (to an accuracy of up to 1 mm), we can produce a fan that seamlessly fits your application. This means that the Multifan and EMI Tube Mounting Fan can be placed in any duct, pipe, chimney or tube. On average, this type of fan is mainly used for air extraction. However, thanks to its flexible dimensions and horizontal and vertical mounting possibilities, these fans can also be used in products such as heaters, hot air guns, and humidifiers. 

  • Custom dimensions
  • Broad range of products
  • Energy-efficient

Technical data

Tables are based on our standard product portfolio. Please contact us for more options.

Available in Ø 35 - 92cm 12" - 36"
Max air volume 50.500 m3/h 29.700 cfm
Max pressure 400 Pa 1.6 S.P.
ECplus yes yes

Tube Fan - 360 view


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Explosion view

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These fans are suitable for the following segments

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Fresh air not only improves animal welfare, it is also of vital importance to pigs.

Solutions for Pigs


Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster growth.

Solutions for Poultry

Industrial applications

Effectively ventilate industrial buildings with fresh air or create overpressure to prevent pests and diseases.

Solutions for Industry
Multifan Tube Fan System 4 Pigs R

The complete System 4 package for easy installation

With the System 4 package, you can protect the fan against weather effects. This complete package includes a Tube Mounting Fan, fiberglass housing, shutter and wire guard. Thanks to the design of the housing, this set is easy to mount inside a wall and the tube can easily be extended. Only available for the American market.

  • Complete package
  • Reduces weather effects
  • Easy mounting
Energy saving ECplus and Vplus fans R

Save more energy with ECplus technology

ECplus fans are the ultimate combination of high performance, reliability and energy savings. Tests have shown that the ECplus fan can save up to 80% of energy compared to standard systems. The speed controller of the ECplus fan can be manually overridden to reduce operational risks.

  • Very energy-efficient
  • Optimal operational reliability
  • Fast payback period
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Long term ventilation solution in poultry housing Poland

In Lewkowiec, a village in Poland close to Ostrow Wielkepolski, Mr. Plewiński from Piast Pasze is running his families poultry farm. In June 2016 Mr. Plewiński presented at an Open House event his brand new 34.000 birds parent stock house, in size the biggest parent stock house in Poland (32x155 meters).

Piotr Przychodni from VHP facilitated the construction by selecting and installing solutions that are state of the art, reliable, low in maintenance efforts and above all: resistant to the harsh cleaning conditions of a poultry farm.

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