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Multifan V-FloFan

Due to their ability to deliver consistent air circulation, vertical ventilation fans are more increasingly used to create a constant airflow at animal and plant level. This fan also mixes the warm air from the ridge of a building with cold lower air, helping you save on heating costs.

Multifan V-FloFan L
Vertical airflow

Vertical airflow

The vertical airflow efficiently and effectively mixes hot air with cold and dry with moist air.

Easy install

Easy mounting

Thanks to their design and prepared suspension points, these fans are easy to install on-site.


For harsh environments

These fans are exclusively composed of corrosion-resistant materials such as high-tech engineering plastics, fiberglass and treated metals making them very suitable for usage in harsh environments.

Multifan V-FloFan Greenhouse

Vertical circulation for a uniform mix of horizontal air layers

The Multifan V-FloFan has been specifically developed for 'Next Generation Growing’ (NGG) in the horticultural sector, which aims to create a uniform climate and to generate an air movement layer between the plants as efficiently as possible. The V-FloFan succeeds in these goals by blowing down the warm air from the ridge of a greenhouse or building, helping you save on heating costs.

In addition, a constant low airspeed is created close to the ground. This not only improves the greenhouse climate but also helps to improve the living conditions of, for example, poultry.

Product advantages
  • Airflow close to the ground
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Control over humidity

Technical data

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Available in Ø 40cm 16"
Max air volume 5.300 m3/h 3.100 cfm

V-FloFan - 360 view


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Create a uniform greenhouse climate for consistent, even plant growth. This increases production and simplifies operations.

Solutions for Greenhouses


Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster and more efficient growth.

Solutions for Poultry
Multifan V-FloFan Medicinal Cannabis R

Ideal for cannabis cultivation

In cannabis greenhouses and grow rooms, ventilation and circulation play a vital role. Through circulation of air, the heat distribution in the grow space is optimized, which enhances a uniform development of the crops.

More uniform climate thanks to vertical fans

Assimilation lamps give off a lot of heat that stays in the top of the greenhouse while having it closer to the crop would be preferable. And when the screen is closed, the temperature also rises too much. Fresh Valley has solved both problems with a combination of two vertical fans. After a successful trial, Bert van den Brand has adapted the system for his other site, where it allows light shielding without complications. 

When Bert van den Brand increased the assimilation lighting at his company in Uden from 8,000 to 13,000 lux at the end of 2014, he encountered a problem. “That site is close to a residential area and we have to screen the light really well. But at such a high level of light, the night temperature rises so much that your daily temperature is out of kilter. This results in thin and scrawny plants" he says. He was looking for a relatively simple solution to that problem.

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