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Greenhouse fans

For growers, it is important that crops in the greenhouse grow evenly. By circulating air using fans, a uniform greenhouse climate is created and the risk of plant diseases and moisture damage is limited. This simplifies business operations and increases production.

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Greenhouse ventilation for optimal crop development

The importance of good circulation and ventilation in greenhouses is often underestimated. Nevertheless, it is an important yet complex issue that involves many factors. After all, how do you effectively create a uniform greenhouse climate while external influences are constantly changing?

Our years of practical experience and performing many smoke tests have proven that fans are an effective tool to achieve various important benefits in the greenhouse. For example, the reduction of humidity-related plant diseases and pests, or more uniform plant growth, which simplifies business operations and increases energy savings.

Vertical circulation fans for greenhouses video

Horizontal air circulation

Horizontal Circulation Fans mix the air above the plants at a high speed from fan to fan. This can be done according to the serial or parallel ventilation principle. As a side effect, due to the airspeed, the air between the plants is set in motion and big horizontal temperature differences are evened out.

Vertical air circulation

Vertically mixing the air with the help of V-FloFans creates a constant airflow between the plants, which ensures an active microclimate. In addition, this fan mixes sun-heated air with colder layers of air at the bottom of the crop, thus evening out vertical differences in temperature and humidity. V-FloFans are often used in greenhouses where the 'Next Generation Growing' principle is used for growing.

Reducing humidity with exhaust fans for greenhouses

To reduce humidity in a greenhouse, a mechanical ventilation system can be a fitting solution. With the help of Galvanized Box Fans, humid air is extracted from the greenhouse and dry air is pumped in through air inlets.

Greenhouse fans

Our Multifan horizontal fans are also called greenhouse fans. The design of these fans has been specifically developed for the greenhouse sector.

Greenhouse Circulation Fans

Our fans for greenhouses

To achieve an optimal greenhouse climate

Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan for greenhouses
Horizontal Circulation Fan

This fan recirculates air over a long distance, quickly creating a uniform indoor climate in a greenhouse.

  • Available in a variety of designs
  • For high temperatures and humidity
  • Optional misting system
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Multifan V-FloFan for greenhouses
Vertical V-FloFan

This fan is used to create a constant airflow at plant level.

  • For a uniform greenhouse climate
  • Developed for 'Next Generation Growing’ (NGG)
  • Reduces the risk of diseases
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Multifan Galvanized Box Fan for greenhouses
Galvanized Box Fans

These fans are easy to position in walls and are commonly used as greenhouse exhaust fan for effective ventilation of large buildings.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Optionally equipped with a cone
  • High air volumes and stable pressure
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Expansion with the Multifan V-FloFan to save heating costs

Intergrow Greenhouses has realized another expansion that will give the company 18,5 ha of greenhouses in Gaines, New York, USA. Part of this expansion was the installation of 94 Multifan V-FloFan equipment. 

“We have been expanding to produce local-for-local tomatoes”, explains co-owner Dirk Biemans. Intergrow first opened a greenhouse in Fillmore in 1998. The site continues to grow beefsteak tomatoes. In 2003, Intergrow started at a new location only at 10-hour striking distance from New York, New England. “We tell our customers we pick it today and you’ll have it tonight,” Biemans said.

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Vertical circulation fan in a cannabis greenhouse

Circulation fans for cannabis cultivation

In professional cannabis greenhouses ventilation plays a vital role. Through circulation of air, the heat distribution in the greenhouse is optimized, which enhances a uniform development of the crops.

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