Privacy policy

In this policy, Vostermans Ventilation B.V. and Vostermans Alu Foundries B.V., hereafter referred to as Vostermans Companies, describe how and for which purposes Vostermans Companies collects and uses personal data. Vostermans Companies respects the privacy of involved persons and treats personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation, especially the legislation regarding data protection, including the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, or in Dutch: “VAR”).

1. WHOSE... personal data do we use?

Vostermans Companies may collect and use personal data in relation to the contacts of business partners of Vostermans Companies (including customers) and visitors of the website(s) of Vostermans Companies.

2. WHAT... personal data do we use?

Regarding their business partners, Vostermans Companies collects and uses the names and contact information of their contacts. Concerning the visitors of our website, we collect and use the personal data that they submit through our website. We will only ask questions that enable us to maintain contact with the visitor. Furthermore, Vostermans Companies’ servers will automatically log certain data, such as URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time on which the website was visited.

3. WHAT... do we use personal data for?

We use the personal data in our regular business operations. More specifically, the data is used for the following purposes:

  1. Legal and compliance purposes;
  2. Sending personalized content and newsletters, post, e-mail, vacancy information, promotional materials, surveys and other updates;
  3. Delivering goods and services, as well as other means of fulfilling our contracts;
  4. Facilitating the online experience on the website(s) of Vostermans Companies;
  5. Testing Vostermans Companies’ information security measures, for example by performing penetration tests;

The use of data is based on the following legal grounds as mentioned in the GDPR:

  1. Closing and carrying out a contract with Vostermans Companies;
  2. The legitimate business interests of Vostermans Companies;
  3. Protecting the vital interests of a natural person;
  4. Compliance with a legal obligation that applies to Vostermans Companies, or with the consent of the person concerned.

If a person does not wish to receive personalized content and newsletters, vacancy information, promotional materials, surveys and other commercial communications, he/she can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to that effect to

4. WHO... does Vostermans Companies share personal data with?

Vostermans Companies can use processors to support certain business functions, for the purposes set out above. If, and in so far as, these third parties will process personal data, they do so based on a processing agreement in accordance with the GDPR. Vostermans Companies will only submit personal data to supervisors, the tax authorities and investigative services if Vostermans Companies is legally obliged to do so.

Vostermans Companies conducts its business activities globally via Vostermans Ventilation B.V. and its foreign branches. The globalization of these activities also increases the internal need to share information within the business group to meet operational needs and legal requirements. Personal data can therefore be shared between affiliated organizations and for the purposes as described above.

Sometimes it can be necessary to transfer personal data outside the European Union. Where appropriate, Vostermans Companies will only share the data in accordance with the applicable legislation and additional legal guarantees by Vostermans Companies. If countries outside the European Union cannot adequately guarantee the protection of personal data, Vostermans Companies will meet the requirements of the Dutch GDPR, for example by using contracts approved by the European Commission for transferring data to such countries.

5. WHICH... rights do those involved have?

Vostermans Companies aims at only collecting the minimal required amount of personal data. Vostermans Companies will only store the personal data during the periods as specified in their data retention policy.

Each person concerned can submit a request to:

  1. receive a copy of the data;
  2. correct the data;
  3. delete the personal data stored by Vostermans Companies;
  4. limit the processing of the personal data;
  5. object to the use of the personal information;
  6. exercise data transferability rights (i.e. the transfer of personal data) in accordance with the applicable local legislation, including the Dutch GDPR.

To exercise any of these rights, the person concerned can send an e-mail to Vostermans Companies at the following address:

If the person concerned is a resident of the European Union, he or she can file a complaint, or voice their concerns, with their local data protection authority, about the manner by which Vostermans Companies used or processed their personal data.

Any requests or questions in relation to this privacy policy, or other privacy matters, can be send to the following address:

Changes can be made to this privacy policy over time. Such changes will take effect immediately after publication of the modified privacy policy. Users of the website are advised to regularly check the privacy policy for possible changes.