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Get the most out of your fan with our accessories

Reach optimal fan performance for your application with the help of optional fan accessories. They can make your fan more energy efficient, safer or easier to install. In addition, we offer a broad range of stand-alone control equipment and power modules to control your fan.

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Fan accessories

Wire guards
To be able to comply with, for example, CE and OSHA regulations, protective wire guards are mandatory in a number of situations. In addition, shielding the fan impeller can prevent personal injury or loss of livestock. That is why we offer different types of wire guards, depending on the application the fan is used for. Our wire guards are corrosion-resistant and affect the fan's efficiency as little as possible.

Close off your hall from external weather forces with the help of our shutters. We offer different types of shutters, depending on the fan and application. For example, for corrosive environments such as pig houses, we offer plastic shutters. We offer butterfly or galvanized shutters for industrial halls and poultry barns. 
Download Butterfly Shutter brochure

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Inlet shutter
Air extraction systems only work well in combination with air intake systems. With the help of the motorized inlet shutter, air extraction is easy to achieve. When placed in a closed position, virtually no light and air enter the building through the shutter. Even when high winds occur, the shutters remain closed. By opening the shutter, a relatively large amount of air flows into the room in a controlled manner in comparison with traditional air intake systems.

Light traps
In order to obtain optimal breeding performance both light intensity and the daily amount of light hours must be precisely controlled. That’s why Light Traps are often used in Poultry Houses. The vertical vanes in a Light Trap reduce the daylight ingress and assure an ultimate balance between airflow efficiency and light lux reduction. Download Light trap brochure.

Other accessories

  • Electricity cables of various lengths
  • Built-in motor speed controllers
  • Adapter for attaching air hoses
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Mf-Net control equipment

We offer an open, modular range of speed controllers and climate controllers for controlling fans under the brand name Mf-Net. By enabling you to connect this equipment, it is possible to extend a stand-alone controller into a sustainable ventilation system. The input and output signals of the controllers and climate controllers are easy to connect via a 0-10V signal or the regular electricity grid.