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Multifan and EMI Basket fans

The right indoor climate contributes to higher levels of efficiency and productivity in both humans and animals. Basket fans have a wide airflow, which makes them ideal for creating a refreshing airflow indoors. As a result, this fan is widely applicable in the industrial and agricultural markets.

Multifan Basket Fan L
High Throw

High throw

Thanks to its innovative design, these fans have a large effect area. This means you need fewer fans to blow air over a long distance.

Easy mounting

Easy mounting

Thanks to their design and prepared suspension points, these fans are easy to install on-site.


Wind-chill effect

Improve internal temperature with these fans and prevent heat stress during hot summer days thanks to a pleasant wind-chill effect.

Multifan Basket Fan Dairy cows P

For optimal air circulation and a refreshing breeze

Multifan and EMI Basket fans are often used for cooling applications because this circulation fan can generate a strong airflow. The high air velocity creates a pleasant wind chill effect during hot days.

This way, a basket fan  can effectively help you prevent heat stress in humans and animals. In addition, due to the high air displacement, basket fans can be widely used for circulation applications, to create a healthier and more uniform indoor climate.

  • High air volumes
  • Low investment costs
  • Various dimensions

Technical data

Tables are based on our standard product portfolio. Please contact us for more options.

Available in Ø 50 - 130cm 20" - 50"
Max air volume 46.300 m3/h 27.300 cfm
Max throw 142 m 466 ft

Basket Fan - 360 view


Technical downloads

Installation manual

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Technical drawing

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These fans are suitable for the following segments

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Improve the barn climate and prevent heat stress on hot days. This improves health and stimulates growth in pigs.

Solutions for Pigs


Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster and more efficient growth.

Solutions for Poultry


Use the right fans to prevent heat stress in dairy cattle and keep milk production high, even on hot summer days.

Solutions for Dairy

Industrial applications

Cooldown products and machines during production processes, or provide cooling in your company hall for optimum business results.

Solutions for Industrial
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Mounting kit for Basket fan <130cm

With our mounting kit, mounting the basket fan has never been easier. The smaller Basket fans are typically installed with a wall or ceiling bracket. This set consists of suspension hooks to fix the fan correctly to the surface. 

Additional accesories
  • Suspension kit
  • Various power cables
  • Suspension arm
1 Multifan Basket Fan 130 cm incl chain v2

The Multifan Basket Fan 130 cm

The 130 cm Basket Fan is the largest of its kind. With its high throw, this fan is the first choice when it comes down to maximizing airflow. Create a refreshing airflow for industrial and agricultural applications. Known in the dairy industry as the Dairy fan.

The mounting kit for this set consists of suspension hooks as well as chains.

  • Minimum suspension height: 2.7m
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High throw
  • Mounting with bracket and/or chains
Basket Fans 50 - 130

Looking for a basket fan for lower ceilings?

Although larger fans usually move more air, they are fitted with coarse-mesh wire guards to reduce air resistance. These grids have to be suspended with a distance of at least 2.7 meters from the bottom of the fan to the ground. If the fan should be placed below this point, our smaller basket fans with fine-meshed CE wire guard offer flexibility in terms of airflow and suspension options.


The newest and largest addition to our range of smaller Basket Fans is the 92 cm version.
Multifan Basket Fan 92 cm

Basket fans prevent heat stress in cows

Farmer Dries Lahousse from Elverdinge is active in arable farming and breeds poultry, but also owns a dairy barn housing 170 cows. Amongst those are also several older animals that have already produced more than 100,000 liters of milk. In order to maintain production throughout the year for all cows, including the oldest ones, he recently invested in basket fans, for extra cooling on top of the natural ventilation. 

Dries’s barn consists of two parts, one measuring 50 by 18 meters and the other measuring 40 by 26 meters. “It is not a big barn, considering it’s housing so many animals, and the orientation isn’t optimal, which can rapidly lead to high temperatures in the summer months”, says Wout Goderis of Goderis CowCompany. “However, it is too large to use a tube ventilation system efficiently. That’s why we have opted for seven big basket fans above the stalls, that start automatically when the barn temperature rises too much.”

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