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Customized solutions

We develop and produce our fan motors and impellers in-house. That is why we are able to deliver customized work if necessary. Are you in need of a specific OEM solution? We are happy to examine the possibilities with you!

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Flexibility for optimal results

Are you looking for a complete fan for a specific application, or a separate motor-impeller combination for your own product? We are happy to think along and brainstorm about how our fans can achieve the best results for you. For example, we can assess whether a combination is the most sustainable solution for a specific application area and we can measure the performance of the combination in our windtunnel. This way, we can ensure you the most energy-efficient end result.

“We are happy to think along and brainstorm about how our fans can achieve the best results for you”
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Private label

Depending on production numbers, we offer you the possibility to purchase 'private label' products from us. That means, we can deliver motors with your brand name printed on it and are able to supply the impeller in any color you desire.

A broad range of applications
Our customized solutions are used in very diverse applications. Examples include:

  • Drying systems
  • Hot air blowers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Metro train sets
  • Transformers
Multifan Grill Mounted Fans

Grill Mounted Fans

An example of one of our current custom solutions is the grill mounted fan. Specifically designed for industrial cooling or heating applications these fans have optimum performance and easy installation in a variety of industrial applications.

  • Customized impellers and motors
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Robust design
Grill Mounted Fans
Need a tailored solution? We’re happy to think along with you.
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