EMI fans

As a well-known brand that exists for over more than 120 years, EMI fans are known for their extreme reliability and high quality in the agricultural and industrial markets.

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EMI Panel Fan Industrial P

EMI axial fans

We offer a wide range of reliable and efficient fans. These fans are engineered for continuous operation in extreme environments and are suitable for outdoor use. The fans come in various designs, including a variety of voltages, frequencies, diameters, and air volumes.

Product Features:

  • Materials resistant to extreme environments
  • Extremely durable fans
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High performance and energy efficient
  • 3-year warranty on the fan motor
  • Controllable
  • Low noise
  • Comply with IP55, and UL-marked fans comply with UL507

EMI fans

Known for their high quality and durability.

EMI Panel 71er W1 ZR Persp70
Panel Fans

The all-round fan that, in most cases, is positioned within the wall.

  • Available in a wide range of diameters
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • If desired, also suitable for circulation
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EMI Tube Fan 92 W2
Tube Mounting Fans

Flexible fans that are ideally suited for integration in ducts, tubes, pipes or chimneys.

  • Tailor-made dimensions possible
  • For vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Reliable with a long lifetime
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1 EMI Basket Fan 130 cm
Basket fans

Basket fans are ideal for creating a cooling airflow.

  • Available in a variety of diameters
  • Widely applicable
  • High throw and air output
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EMI Galvanized Box Fan 130-2-1
Other EMI solutions

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We're glad this more energy efficient solution has become available as an answer to the EU legislation.

Mr. Salvador Batallé is owner of Granja Mas Badia in Santa Pau (Girona, Spain). This farm belongs to “Grup Batalle”, owning several farms for farrowing, weaning and fattening pigs. When extension of the Granja Mas Badia was constructed, Mr Batallé wanted to address the air distribution inside the farrowing rooms (varying in size from 12 to 44 sows).

Besides that, he was looking for high air flow to control the heat stress in summer time. Other priorities were operation reliability, resistance in corrosive environment and low energy consumption. “I always evaluate the long-term investment”, Mr Batallé says. I prefer to look at the total costs after several years and not only to the initial purchase costs.”

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