Why choose a real Multifan?

2 minutes reading - published on April 14, 2021

All over the world, Multifan products are renowned for their high quality, durability and long service life. The fans can usually already be recognized from a distance by their characteristic red blades. In practice, we increasingly see fans with a similar appearance, however. In what other ways can you recognize a real Multifan and why would you choose Multifan?

High-quality materials

Multifan fans are known for their durability and long service life for a reason. Only the highest quality materials are used. The blades, produced from high-grade technical plastics, have been further refined over the past 65 years for optimal results. A plastic impeller is lightweight, has a low density and offers tremendous strength, while still maintaining flexibility in order to resist vibrations. More importantly, because of the plastic impellers' low weight ratio, they reduce stress on the bearings in the motor, resulting in a longer service life. We highlighted these different materials in this video for your convenience.

The most suitable motor for agricultural applications

Multifan motors are designed specifically for harsh conditions. The motors meet the requirements for insulation class F. The special bearings in the motors also considerably reduce the need for maintenance. Furthermore, with a wide range of motors, we are able to match the characteristics of the motors to your application. We underline this with a 3-year warranty on all our motors. See our video series for more details.

Unique impeller-motor combination

If you choose Multifan, you choose flexibility. There is a perfect Multifan fan for every situation. A wide range of Multifan fans and blades allows you to create the ultimate combination for every situation. This results in less maintenance, less power consumption, less load and therefore a longer service life. In addition, our in-house R&D department allows us to supply a datasheet containing the QH and resistance curves with every motor-impeller combination. In this way, you have the correct data for every operating point.

Multifan for any environment

Multifan fans are available worldwide for a variety of applications. Due to the flexibility, the products focus on the needs and demands of a specific application. Do you live in an environment with extreme temperatures, do you have to deal with a different main voltage or does the government require you to comply with specific requirements or regulations such as CE, UL, ErP or IE? Multifan can easily adapt.

Wide range of products

The range of Multifan fans is very diverse and extensive. In this way, a solution is available for multiple ventilation and circulation methods. For example, we do not only offer fans for tunnel ventilation, but also for combi-ventilation.

Sustainable in terms of power consumption and material usage

Power efficient and a long service life. Two healthy characteristics that make Multifan a sustainable product. All components have been tested in intensive testing programs, which ensures reliable use in practice. The products are also becoming more and more power efficient, without affecting this reliability. In addition, Multifan fans are almost fully recyclable.

QR code for optimal service

Motors and impellers of Multifan fans are developed and produced by Vostermans Ventilation in the Netherlands. The QR code on the hood of the Multifan fan provides access to all important information about your fan via Vostermans.com. Unexpectedly experiencing component failure? Scan the QR code and contact us for the correct spare part. Have a look at our video on this topic for more info

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published on April 14, 2021

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