Multifan Grill Mounted Fan

The Grill Mounted Fan is the solution for efficiently cooling down transformers, machinery, and other industrial applications. On top of that, the Grill Mounted Fan can also be used for distributing warm air from heating systems.

Multifan Grill Mounted Fan L
Easy install

Easy mounting

Thanks to their design and prepared suspension points, these fans are easy to install on-site.



Thanks to the broad product range and its simple mounting options, this type of fan is suitable for a variety of applications.


Designed for industry

This product was developed in collaboration with industrial customers for optimum performance and easy installation in a variety of industrial applications.

Multifan Grill Mounted Fan Industry P

Customization for industrial cooling or heating applications

Thanks to their flexible composition, we can seamlessly connect Multifan Grill Mounted Fans to the end application. Although these fans are generally used to cool machines and equipment, they can also be used in heating units.

The robust design makes this an ideal fan for industrial applications where reliability is vital. The integrated attachment points provide easy mounting options.

  • Customized impellers and motors
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Robust design


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Industrial applications

Cooldown products and machines during production processes, or provide cooling in your company hall for optimum business results.

Solutions for Industrial

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