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The best fan for dairy barns with lower ceilings

The Multifan 92cm Basket Fan

The Multifan 92 cm Basket Fan was specifically designed to create a refreshing airflow at lower places in the dairy barn. This fan, which is smaller in diameter than our 130-cm dairy fan and fitted with a fine-meshed 5-mm CE wire guard, can be installed at any desired height. This makes the fan ideal for mounting above the stalls or in the milking area.

Basket fan 92 cm 2

For any height

The 92 cm Basket Fan is fitted with a fine-meshed CE wire guard, so the minimum suspension height of 2.7 meters does not apply.

ECplus Vplus

Wind chill effect

These fans improve the wind chill effect on your livestock, and prevent heat stress during hot summer days.

Easy install

Easy to install

Easy to install at any desired location in the barn. Available with optional wall or ceiling bracket.

An ideal combination
with our dairy fan

Although larger fans usually move more air, they are fitted with coarse-mesh wire guards to reduce air resistance. These grids have to be suspended with a distance of at least 2.7 meters from the bottom of the fan to the ground. If the fan has to be placed lower, the 92 cm fan with its fine-meshed CE wire guard offers the perfect balance between air flow and suspension options. In many cases, a combination of different basket fans can provide the ideal solution. This means you have a solution for any situation where the dairy fan cannot be used.


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Looking for a different size?

The basket fan is available in various sizes, so you can easily find the ideal model for your needs

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