Multifan fans in vehicle washing systems from Christ Wash Systems

Christ Wash Systems, one of the largest manufacturers of vehicle washing systems in Europe, has been using Multifan fans in car washes since 2018. Roland Saumweber, technical designer of car washes, explains why.

A car wash system in operation, showing a close-up of a large industrial fan with red blades and a car being sprayed with water.

Fans for a better working environment

"In our car washes, the mechanical high-pressure pre-wash systems generate a lot of spray mist. This leads to a humid working environment for the staff. With the help of the Multifan fans, this spray mist is blown back into the wash bay so that staff are no longer inconvenienced. This improves working conditions effectively and efficiently."

Robust and sustainable

The Multifan fans are switched on automatically by the car wash control system depending on the amount of spray mist generated. When vehicles are washed throughout the day, these fans are in continuous operation and therefore have many operating hours. Due to the humid conditions in car washes, we need robust and durable fans. The Multifan wall fans meet these requirements perfectly. Although I have no specific experience with the service life of these fans, I have no complaints about their durability. We are therefore very satisfied with their performance and reliability.

A modern car wash station labeled

Christ Wash Systems

Otto Christ has been one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle washing systems in Europe since 1963. With around 1,500 employees throughout the Christ Group. The company manufactures wash systems for a wide range of vehicle types such as buses, streetcars, trains and cars. With an extensive range of accessories such as vacuum cleaners, magnetic card readers and care products, Christ Wash Systems supplies car wash technology that adapts seamlessly to the needs of its customers.

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