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Multifan Galvanized Slant and Straight Wall Fan

Galvanized Slant Wall Fans and Galvanized Straight Wall Fans — which have been specifically designed for the North and South America regions — are exhaust fans made of galvanized metal and are known for their robustness and efficiency.

Multifan Galvanized Slant Wall Fan L

High stable pressure range

Thanks to their unique design, these fans have a high-pressure range. Perfect for usage in pad cooling, air filters, and agricultural drying applications.


Specifically designed for the American market

These fans were specifically developed for the American market in order to optimally meet local wishes and requirements.


Robust design

Thanks to its robust design, these fans can stand rough handling and are easy to maintain.

Multifan Straight Wall Fan Poultry P

Efficient and robust fan for the North and South American market

Multifan Galvanized Slant Wall and Straight Wall Fans are known for their robust housing and low maintenance levels. Thanks to their aerodynamic design, these fans combine high air output with low energy consumption.

Due to their housing, these fans can easily be installed in a wall. Slant Wall and Straight Wall Fans are supplied with an aluminum shutter as standard. On top of that, both fans can also be combined with light traps or air filters.

  • Robust design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy mounting

Straight Wall Fan - 360 view


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These fans are suitable for the following segments

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Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster growth.

Solutions for Poultry


Regularly refresh barn air to prevent humidity issues or create a constant flow of fresh air to prevent heat stress.

Solutions for Dairy


Mechanical ventilation during the day can help to cooldown horticultural greenhouses and reduce humidity.

Solutions for Greenhouse

Industrial applications

Our process control benefits our industrial customers and enables us to deliver ventilation products that promote efficiency and durability.

Solutions for Industrial

Saving energy and a high airflow are key for the Latin American market

In Asia and Europe, a typically used fan for Poultry houses is the Galvanized Cone Fan. In Central and South America, the Galvanized Straight Wall Fan is more common. In cooperation with our partner Plasson of Brazil, we have developed two types of Straight Wall Fans dedicated for the Brazilian and Latin American Markets; a ‘High Capacity’ and a ‘High Efficiency’ version. 

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