Expansion with the Multifan V-FloFan to save heating costs

Intergrow Greenhouses has realized another expansion that will give the company 18,5 ha of greenhouses in Gaines, New York, USA. Part of this expansion was the installation of 94 Multifan V-FloFan equipment. 

“We have been expanding to produce local-for-local tomatoes”, explains co-owner Dirk Biemans. Intergrow first opened a greenhouse in Fillmore in 1998. The site continues to grow beefsteak tomatoes. In 2003, Intergrow started at a new location only at 10-hour striking distance from New York, New England. “We tell our customers we pick it today and you’ll have it tonight,” Biemans said.

Dirk Biemans satisfied with reduction of heating costs (Photo: Tom Rivers)

Vertical ventilation with this fan is the solution for the way we grow tomatoes

For the new expansion he compared the vertical ventilation of the Multifan V-FloFan with the ventilation through bottom heating pipes below the crop.

The main result was clear to Dirk Biemans: “With the Multifan V-Flofan an even temperature is obtained throughout the greenhouse. Specifically the heat of the assimilation lights is distributed downwards, which also reduces the heating costs significantly!” To finalize Dirk Biemans states clearly: “Vertical ventilation with this fan is the solution for the way we grow tomatoes”.

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