Cost-effective maximum ventilation for poultry in the U.K.

Climatec Systems Limited has 40 years of experience with environmental control systems for the U.K. market. With in-house production of control panels and a selection of suppliers, the Ledbury based business designs and installs complete climate solutions for the agricultural industry. We spoke with Ben Reed, Technical Sales Manager at Climatec, about the organisation itself, the cooperation with Vostermans Ventilation as a supplier, and Climatec’s use of Multifan fans in the poultry industry.

Climatec Willow farm 3

"We have available some of the best suppliers based on their quality of products and knowledge, and we use them, we utilise their expertise.”

Can you tell us a bit about the way Climatec operates?
“Every system we design is custom made and bespoke for each individual customer. We start with a blank sheet, and using the best equipment on the market, we design the project around the customer’s requirements, dealing directly with the customer wherever possible. We have a full range of solutions available and use our suppliers such as Vostermans Ventilation for additional advice. We have available some of the best suppliers based on their quality of products and knowledge, and we use them, we utilise their expertise.”

Willow Farm
For a large project at Willow Farm, not far from Climatec in Herefordshire, four poultry houses were equipped with a new climate control system. Ben explains: “Two existing buildings were refurbished and two were newly built. In the pictures, we see the setup in the new houses. These are 420 ft long x 80 ft wide houses, fully equipped by Climatec.”

In all four houses, Climatec installed a combination ventilation system using fans in both the ceiling and the gable end wall of the barn. “We use this system predominantly because it offers a cost-effective solution for the farmer to move the maximum amount of air. Our starting point for discussing this system with a farmer is the 60/40 split, 60% ventilation capacity in the roof and 40% capacity in the gable end with all the air coming in through the side inlets. Because we work with a certain type of inlet with a downward curve, in hot periods the air can be directed right down onto the birds, and pulled across during maximum ventilation.

With regard to the air exchange rate, we always over-spec, meaning we aim for at least 5m3/hr of air per kilogram of poultry, exceeding the usual 4.5 m3/hr per kilogram. This is the minimum value we use in order to avoid heat stress to the birds. However, we always look at our air exchange calculations and discuss with the farmer whether they want to go beyond 5m3/hr - we have carried out a number of projects exceeding this value.”

Climatec Willow Farm 2 Horizontal

“Additionally, we try to implement fans in the most efficient way. This means that in a big house such as at Willow Farm, large and efficient fans were required. We installed Multifan Tube Mounting fans in the roof and belt-driven fans from another supplier in the gable end. This was the first project where we used the 3-phase 82cm Multifan Tube Mounting Fan. To control the fans, we sequenced 10 different ventilation stages the farmer can utilize. By using this system, Willow Farm survived the hot summer period very successfully.”

With increasingly hot summer temperatures, not only Willow Farm is opting for better ventilation capabilities. Ben explains: “We have had quite a few conversations with farmers who have just gone through a very tough period with the heat waves in the U.K.”

How is the concern for energy efficiency in the warmer periods?
“It is increasingly relevant. I think people realise that introducing larger and more efficient 3 phase fans is going to make their system more efficient and we are frequently being asked by farmers for the power consumption of the fans. Additionally, we have seen a big drive to LED lighting from farms seeking to reduce energy consumption and this applies to all equipment in the house, especially fans, which are in constant use. Many farms will also have solar panels on their roofs, offsetting energy bills.”

What does the future look like for the cooperation between Climatec Systems and Vostermans Ventilation?
“3 phase fans are being increasingly used in the U.K. and we recommend Multifan. We use the 82cm three-phase chimney fan as a starting point for new projects with larger houses. We see the number of Multifan installations increasing and we believe it is the right product. From our experience we have found these fans to be excellent quality, efficient, quiet, the price is competitive and customers are very happy with them."

"With increasing energy prices, we are now looking at heat recovery units. We will be using Multifan fans for these as well. I foresee a day where we have a Multifan in the heat recovery unit, a Multifan in the roof, and a Multifan in the gable end.”

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