The biggest advantage is the ideal climate for the boars

“Overall, the biggest advantage of the Multifan Vplus fan is the ideal climate for the boars. Besides that, we expect to save a lot of energy“

Winwin employees: Chris Heightman & Brad Heightman

The fans are easy to use since there are no dip switches you have to set.

Our dealer Win-Win LLC remodeled a boar stud of Pike Pig Systems in Pittsfield, IL in 2016. The new house contains 250 animal places and is equipped with five Multifan Fiberglass Vplus 54” fans to create an overpressure in the room with boars. Filters are installed for the incoming air to prevent diseases. The maximum ventilation is calculated on a 30 sec air exchange in the room.

“The fans are easy to use since there are no dip switches you have to set. Additionally, it is an advantage that there is no need for an external lightning protector. The feature we like most is the variable speed of the VPlus fans, so the airflow can be fine-tuned to the needs of the animals. Preventing fluctuations is very important to keep the boar production at a high level. What we would say to other farmers who are considering the Vplus: It all works out really well. Smaller fans are not needed anymore” – Pike Pig Systems

The Fiberglass VPlus fans are designed to perform in the most hostile climates. The aerodynamic design ensures the highest possible air volumes and energy efficiency available on the market. Interested to learn how they can be fine-tuned for your application? Get in touch with our experts.

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