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The new Multifan
Greenhouse Fan

Create the optimal greenhouse climate with the new, improved Greenhouse Fan. Thanks to a new design, a new motor and an improved motor-impeller combination, our new fan is one of the most energy-efficient greenhouse fans worldwide. Creating a uniform greenhouse climate has never been so economical! In addition, workers will undoubtedly appreciate the more pleasant sound of the fan. All this comes with the highest quality, as you have come to expect from us.

Multifan Greenhouse Fan
ECplus Vplus

More energy-efficient

Thanks to a more energy-efficient motor and adapted design, you can save up to 45% in energy compared with previous models.

High Throw


The noise production of the fan has had a thorough overhaul and has been reduced to only 46 dB (7m distance). Employees will no doubt appreciate this.

Easy install


Thanks to the modified design, it has never been simpler to hang the fan or attach a poly air tube. 

The perfect fan for an energy-efficient circulation system

The Multifan Greenhouse Fan is the perfect fan for your circulation system. Thanks to the modified design, you can save up to 45% in energy compared with previous models and similar fans on the market. The adapted suspension points also offer even more options during installation. Most fans are adjustable as standard. On request, 1-phase fans can also be made suitable for frequency converters. In other words, there are endless possibilities, whether you are opting for a greenhouse renovation or building a new one.

Attaching poly air tubes has never been so simple

The design of the casing takes into account the possibility to attach air tubes That is why one side has a raised edge. It creates improved airflow and makes it possible to attach an air tube (ø 52 cm) in no time.

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Multifan Greenhouse Fan Field test

Where theory and practice come together

On paper, our greenhouse fan is one of the best fans available worldwide. More important, of course, is how it performs in the greenhouses of our customers. That is why we extensively test our products in practice. We check whether the practical performance alligns with the theory. We also offer advice on how customers can get the most out of their fan. An important part of energy-efficient ventilation, for example, is that fans are positioned in line of the airflow. In this way, the air continues to move from fan to fan.

Maximum distance between fans:
  • 5,000 m3/h version: 45 meters
  • 7,000 m3/h version: 60 meters
  • 8,500 m3/h version: 65 meters
Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan

Get the most out of your Greenhouse Fan

Thanks to our extensive list of options, you can make the Greenhouse Fan the ultimate match for your wishes.

  • CE grill set
  • 5-meter cable with plug
  • Built-in thermal detector for 3 ~ motor
  • Adjustable frequency motor
Multifan fan for greenhouse

Talk to a specialist!

Do you have a question, or would you like more information on the Greenhouse fan? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!