50% of the energy consumption and overall lower production costs

Mr. Sudirman owns a poultry farm in Subang, West Java, Indonesia. Established in 2019, the farm was recently expanded with a closed broiler house suitable for 40.000 birds. To ventilate the building, Sudirman invested in new fans. The two-story barn was equipped with 14 exhaust fans as part of a tunnel ventilation system.

Sudirman Poultry farm Multifan fans

“As the city of Subang is known for high temperatures we need a good ventilation system"

Their local installation partner familiarized the business owner with the benefits of a closed barn system and suggested suitable fans for ventilation. Mr. Sudirman explains: “As the city of Subang is known for its high temperatures we need a good ventilation system. Mr. Hendra came to my farm and suggested me to use Multifan. He told me about the features and specifications of the fans and I was excited about it…”

When selecting fans, Mr. Sudirman indicated he specifically looks at energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and the trustworthiness of the product. “Both energy saving capabilities and ease of maintenance lower my production costs.”

For this expansion, Mr. Sudirman installed 14 Multifan Galvanized Box fans with cones and was satisfied with the cost reduction he realized compared to other local farms.

“In my farm the average monthly electricity costs are around 350 usd...In other farms the average is 700 usd.

“Multifan has the right product to handle the situation. I think they have a good product when it comes to energy efficiency and they have a good and trustworthy brand image. I am most concerned with the money saved with the fans. In my farm, the average monthly electricity cost is around 350 usd, but in other local farms (not using Multifan) the average cost of electricity is around 700 usd.

The highest energy efficiency is achieved by matching the right fan and motor with correct installation given the specific barn circumstances. Would you like to know how you could most efficiently use fans at your location? One of our specialists will gladly give you personal advice.

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