Stabilizing indoor temperature and air speed in a tropical climate

Mr. Kuang Guito owns a large poultry farm in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. On his farm, Kuang runs two, three story, broiler houses which each account for up to 90.000 birds. Both poultry houses were built within a short time span and completed in the last two years. In both houses, Kuang makes use of a tunnel ventilation system to provide his birds with an optimal indoor climate.

Indonesia poultry farm

“In the tropical climate of Indonesia, temperature, humidity and wind speed differences can be significant."

For his second house, built earlier this year, Mr Kuang Guito recently purchased new fans. “The land on which my farm is built is quite expensive so I decided to build a vertical farm with the largest possible capacity to make optimal use of the space I had.” The farm owner explains that achieving the desired airflow and air speed in his first barns are one of the main challenges due to the local climate. “In the tropical climate of Indonesia, temperature, humidity and wind speed differences can be significant. The large capacity and air flow of fans are very helpful to stabilize the temperature and air speed for the birds inside the houses.”

When selecting fans for his poultry houses, Mr Kuang indicated he is mostly concerned about the performance, trustworthiness, durability and energy saving capabilities of fans. After having installed Multifan fans in his first multi-story house, Mr Kuang was satisfied with continued bird growth and production. This convinced him to make the same investment for his second building. “To achieve our desired targets we need the fans with the best possible performance”

Concerning the performance of his new Multifan fans, Mr Kuang Guito is satisfied with his purchase “Multifan has a good after sales service and product quality we can trust.”

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