Saving energy and a high airflow are key for the Latin American market

In Asia and Europe, a typically used fan for Poultry houses is the Galvanized Cone Fan. In Central and South America, the Galvanized Straight Wall Fan is more common. In cooperation with our partner Plasson of Brazil, we have developed two types of Straight Wall Fans dedicated for the Brazilian and Latin American Markets; a ‘High Capacity’ and a ‘High Efficiency’ version. 

Multifan Straight Wall Fan Poultry R

Choosing the right fan is key because of the influence of ventilation on the bird growth and the egg productiveness.

Increasing demand for Energy Efficient Fans
Since the majority of energy consumption in a farm is generated by ventilation equipment, the markets are strongly looking for energy efficient fans. In addition, the airflow is important in order to create a more uniform environment and a good end result. That’s why our partner Maikel Machado Ozório from Plasson would advise farmers to analyze the fan performance carefully. “Choosing the right fan is key because of the influence of ventilation on the bird growth and the egg productiveness.”

Good initial experiences and results
Maikel Machado Ozório continues: “Our experiences with Multifan were very good so far. That’s why we have started a trial in cooperation with Multifan in our Plasson facility. The Straight wall fans we have used were developed for higher static pressures and higher birds’ densities no matter the circumstances. With this fan we can reach massive results with 30% more airflow and a reduction of 35% energy consumption in average.

Now we have gained some experience, we are ready to further service the Brazilian and Latin America markets.”

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