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Aluminum extrusion specialist Mifa, located in Venlo, produces fully finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from ± 0.02 mm. This accuracy in aluminum profiles offers unprecedented possibilities. Due to precision extrusion, designers have enormous freedom of form, without the limitations of the customary standards. This allows the optimum product to be realized.

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Based on good experiences, the knowledge of Vostermans Ventilation was consulted at the start of the process.

7 August 2018 was a dark day for Mifa. A fire broke out at the neighbours and quickly spread to a Mifa production hall. The damage could not have been foreseen. The entire press installation became unusable. Given Mifa’s growing order portfolio, it was important to put the product line back into operation as quickly as possible.

Fans are used in the production process to cool the aluminium. These ensure rapid cooling. The original transport system was equipped with 75 to 80 Thai-made fans,  according to Thai machinery directives. These fans, however, did not meet the desired requirements.

Mifa's profiles are used in the automotive and aircraft industries, among other things, and because of this must be produced in accordance with increasingly strict guidelines. The fans for the new production line therefore had to fulfill a number of requirements in the field of:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • European Directives

Dave Aarts, Industrial Automation Engineer at Mifa. “Vostermans fans have already been used in a number of other product lines. Based on the good experiences, the knowledge of Vostermans Ventilation was consulted at the start of the process. Additionally, we are practically neighbours, so that consultation could be arranged quickly and practically.”

Approximately 80 Vostermans fans have been installed under the transport system. Previously there were five large fans above the installation, but these were not brought back in the new design. The 80 fans have enough capacity to provide the required cooling. This delivers savings on energy costs.

Dave Aarts: “Vostermans Ventilation has really helped us out here." The production line has been back in operation since July 2019.

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