“ECplus reduces payback time: that’s important!”

The company Döring Lüftungsanlagen is, since 25 years, run by Stefan Döring and his wife Angelike. The company is specialized in the sales and installation of climate equipment for agricultural applications in the Northern part of Germany.

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We are convinced that the ECplus reduces the payback time even further and that is an important goal for the farmers!

Stefan’s father started to work with Multifan Fans more than 40 years ago. “Due to the long term partnership, we feel part of the Vostermans’ family, it is a pleasure to visit the factory in Venlo”. Stefan Döring continues: “The sales and technical employees are always straight forward and ready to support us with the demanding questions from our customers”.

“The demand for energy saving fans increased the last decade rapidly. Customers critically look at reducing their costs and energy costs are an important part of that policy”, states Stefan. Their fan range contains mainly Multifan Tube Fans, Panel Fans and High Pressure Fans. Due to the limited expansion in their region, most of the work nowadays is renovation and conversion of pork houses.

“Frequency controllers to adapt the speed of the fans are applied as standard nowadays. However, local tests with the Intelligent Fan Drive already convinced me that this solution increases the energy savings significantly compared to the commonly used frequency controllers”, says the experienced Stefan Döring.

For the intelligent ECplus fan the expectations are high: “We are convinced that the ECplus reduces the payback time even further and that is an important goal for the farmers!”

About the long term co-operation with Vostermans Ventilation Stefan Döring is clear: “Vostermans has fast delivery times, a high flexibility in it’s product range as well as a good service. Spare parts, for instance, are always available. Our customers demand a high level of quality and service, and with the Vostermans team we have the tools to provide that. To make a long success story short: excellent support”, concludes Stefan Döring.

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