High capacity, a good price/m3 air ratio and energy efficient

Boon Agrosystems is an agricultural installation company with approximately 25 employees that focuses entirely on the agricultural market. To name a few, the organization is active in the poultry, pigs, dairy and goat sectors. At the beginning of 2020, Boon Agrosystems installed an equal pressure ventilation system in a new goat barn in Achterberg, The Netherlands. Bert Koudijs, a representative of Boon Agrosystems, explained how the provided system and fans are used.

Lammerenstal Multifan ventilatoren

"The fans were chosen because they can be built into roof ducts, they allow speed control, and they have a favorable price/m3 ratio"

"An air distribution system enables constant air movement in the barn. An air distribution hose containing a High Pressure Fan ensures that sufficient fresh air is added, depending on the temperature and need. It is also possible to heat the incoming air in the barn. This is done by mixing the indoor and outdoor air."

Exhaust ducts were installed in the roof of the barn and Tube Mounting Fans were placed in these ducts to ensure sufficient extraction using an energy-efficient control. In this way, the owner of the barn benefits from stable extraction and lower energy costs. The challenge in this project was to be able to ventilate the right amount of air from the barn in the right places.

When selecting fans for the project, Bert states that the characteristics mentioned above were placed at the forefront. He cites energy efficiency, controllability and capacity as the most important factors.

Boon Agrosystems installed Multifan High Pressure Fans and Tube Mounting Fans for this application. Bert: “The fans were chosen for their capacity, because they can be built into roof ducts, they allow speed control, and they have a favorable price/m3 air ratio. When asked whether there is a noticeable difference in the process before and after installing our fans, Bert states that the climate improvement in the barn was immediately noticeable after installation.

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