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Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan

This fan efficiently and powerfully recirculates air over a long distance, quickly creating a uniform indoor climate. Especially suitable for environments with high temperatures and humidity.

Multifan Circulation Fan L
High Throw

High throw

Thanks to its innovative design, these fans have a large effect area. This means you need fewer fans to blow air over a long distance.


For harsh environments

These fans are exclusively composed of corrosion-resistant materials such as high-tech engineering plastics, fiberglass and treated metals making them very suitable for usage in harsh environments.

Easy install

Easy mounting

Thanks to their design and prepared suspension points, these fans are easy to install on-site.

Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan Greenhouse P

Effectively circulate air over a long distance

These powerful fans blow air horizontally over a long distance and can be used for a variety of applications. By positioning multiple Multifan circulation fans one after the other within the throw distance, the air is efficiently and quickly mixed over a long distance. Perfect for creating a uniform indoor climate in, for example, a greenhouse or chicken barn.

This circulation fan, however, can also deliver powerful circulation on its own. Thanks to its high throw, this fan quickly provides air circulation in smaller rooms.

Product advantages
  • High throw
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design

Technical data

Tables are based on our standard product portfolio. Please contact us for more options.

Available in Ø 16" - 20"
Max air volume 5.400 cfm
Max throw 223 ft

Horizontal Circulation Fan - 360 view


Technical downloads

Installation manual

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Technical drawing

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These fans are suitable for the following segments

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Create a uniform greenhouse climate for consistent, even plant growth. This increases production and simplify operations.

Solutions for Greenhouses


Improve the barn’s living environment for healthier poultry and faster and more efficient growth.

Solutions for Poultry


Use the right fans to prevent heat stress in dairy cattle and keep milk production high, even on hot summer days.

Solutions for Dairy

Industrial applications

Cooldown products and machines during production processes, or provide cooling in your company hall for optimum business results.

Solutions for Industrial


Improve the barn climate and prevent heat stress on hot days. This improves health and stimulates growth in pigs.

Solutions for Pigs
Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan Greenhouse Nozzle R

Water-misting set for cooling or dust reduction

Thanks to their high throw, circulation fans are highly suitable for supporting a low-pressure misting system. Water pressure of 4 bar is enough to spread a fine mist. Perfect for cooling poultry, pigs, dairy cattle or air in a greenhouse, or to prevent dust from spreading.

Set contents:
  • 8 nozzles
  • Wire guard for 50 cm / 20" fan
  • A hose

"We experience fewer issues in cultivation and save energy!"

The horticultural company Gebroeders Raijmakers in Heusden grows vine tomatoes on more than 46 acres of land. While the origin of the family business lies in the 1950s, the current company was founded by the two brothers and has grown significantly over the past years. In 2017, another expansion was finished with which they reached the current surface area. We spoke to Frans Raijmakers about his experience with the greenhouse climate and the effect of fans in his greenhouse.

“The temperature is more equally divided, which then also saves you energy and allows for less problems in the cultivation, avoiding corners of the greenhouse being too cold or too warm.”

Read full case study

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