Shaping the future
Shaping the future
Shaping the future
Shaping the future


Organisatie1 Vostermans Companies has a flat organization structure of three levels: management, head of department and employee. This leads to a clear communication, short communication lines and good contact with the employees. For several years there has been investments in further optimization of the product lines and R&D activities.




The corporate policy of Vostermans Companies stands for 5 values:


  • Fairplay to customers, suppliers and employees
  • Flexibility
  • Social consciousness
  • Content above form, no window-dressing
  • "Best in class"


The efforts of the employees, the innovative ideas and good cooperation have led to good results: the output per employee has increased with 25%, every 40 seconds a fan can be produced in more than 50.000 different varieties. The turnover in the industrial segment has increased strongly.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Organisatie3 Before the term CSR was publicized, Vostermans Companies already devoted special attention to the relationship between the three important P's: People-Planet-Profit.

Vostermans Companies believes that the manufacturing industry has a future in the Netherlands. The optimal use of technical knowledge and experience of its employees is a precondition. The company is also looking at the regional labor market for the future. Therefore Vostermans Companies spends a lot of attention to the cooperation between education and industry.


As a result Vostermans Companies is involved in:

• The working group "Technodome and industry" (training technique at vocational education level)
• Assisting the Technasium-project of College Den Hulster (pre-university education)
• Technical projects and internships for children from practical education
• Placement of students from institutions like the Gilde-opleidingen (secondary education) and the Fontys University of Applied Sciences.
• Innovation projects with the Delft University of Technology.
• Orientation internships, guest lectures and company tours


This approach is certainly paying off. The company breathes attraction as a reliable, future-oriented employer. There are plans, together with the schools, to start a new aluminum caster course. The company is involved in, for example, the Bike-a-Licious project, where students test their own bike on aerodynamics. In addition, in cooperation with students from TU Delft, several parts for Nuna 4, 5 and 6 have been designed (participants of the World Solar Challenge in Australia.


Social policy

Vostermans Companies has a social policy based on attention for the individual employee and prevention. Several aspects are involved within this policy:


  • Easy accessible organization
  • Improving work environment
  • Health policy
  • Active prevention policy with regard to absence
  • Attention for problems in the private situation of the employee
  • The selection process involves aspects as motivation, reliability and mentality. This results among others into a multicultural mix of the employees (more than 20 nationalities)


The efforts of the employees and the management to improve working conditions have led to great results: a workplace absenteeism rate below 2,5% for several years already.

The savings caused by this low rate, are being invested for prevention measurements or help in several ways for the employees.


An example of successful technical innovation to improve ergonomics and productivity is to introduce a system which cuts the number of lifting a product in halves!


Scholarship and guidance

Organisatie2 The human resource policy of Vostermans Companies pays attention to scholarship and guidance for employees. Not only scholarship and guidance by training is important, but also coaching and guidance on the workplace. Quality and quality awareness, not only with respect to content or professionally, but also with respect to loyalty and cooperation with colleagues, are one of the most important issues. Some recent examples of scholarship and guidance involve:



  • Training Quality awareness within ALL departments
  • Dutch language course for foreign employees
  • 'On the job' coaching
  • Zephyrus-Program, in which multidisciplinary project groups are formed to realize an improvement of efficiency
  • Training for coaching employees


Besides stimulating the involvement of employees the developments provide positive results for the organization. Vostermans Ventilation, which exports 95% of its goods to more than 70 countries, has a return rate of the goods of 0,3%.The employees are prepared to work in a flexible way, loyalty that we cherish but also appreciate. Besides that, the flexibility provides variation in work.

shaping the future

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