‘’High dimensional stability is essential for a modular concept ’’

Inther Group provides fully automated distribution systems for warehouses all over the world. The systems they implement for their customers are impressive in scale and stand out because of the well thought-out, modular components. One of these modular conveyor modules is the 24V curved conveyor, developed by Inther Conveyor Equipment (part of Inther Group), for which Vostermans Alu Foundries supplies sand-casted aluminium parts. We asked Sven van den Ham, Operations Manager at Inther Conveyor Equipment, about his experiences with Vostermans as a supplier.

"We opted for aluminum sand casting because this way we can guarantee very high dimensional stability."

Dimensional stability with sand casting
Inther Conveyor Equipment distinguishes itself by having the curved parts of their conveyors casted instead of rolled or welded. Sven explains why: “We opted for aluminum sand casting because then we can guarantee a very high dimensional stability. This is important to us because we work with a modular product. The curved parts that Vostermans Alu Foundries casts for us are each 15 degrees. In a 90 degree curve, there are 6 inner curve parts and 6 outer curve parts that have to match exactly. Additionally, we of course don't want to lose any unnecessary time during installation. "

Curve Inther Group

From challenge to product
What started as a simple exploratory question quickly turned into a pleasant collaboration. “After an initial meeting with the Sales Manager, several people came to the table, that wanted to grasp this product with great energy. A committed team was created of which you could see that they knew what they were talking about. Both at Vostermans and at MCM, Vostermans' aluminium machiner. ”

Flexibility in the supply chain
Inther Group is located about 20 kilometres from Vostermans Alu Foundries. “The fact that our organizations are located in the same area ensures that we can keep a short line of communication and enjoy logistical benefits. Within a few weeks after our first contact, we received the first shipment. That would of course never have been possible with a supplier in China ”, Sven explains. “In addition, we see Vostermans' knowledge and experience with smaller customers with a specific product as a great added value. Just like the flexibility the cooperation gives us in the entire supply chain. ”

Vostermans is a party that thinks with us
Inther Conveyor Equipment previously had another supplier and therefore already had a basis and the necessary experience. Changing suppliers was therefore also a good time for us to further optimize our product. This resulted in a number of great improvements in which Vostermans has really shown their added value with their creativity. ”


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