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specialist in air

Vostermans Ventilation presents final results High Tech Greenhouse 2020

Vostermans Ventilation presented the final results of the High Tech Greenhouse 2020 project.


In the project innovative solutions with regard to climate, energy, light, substrate and water have been developed with a hightech greenhouse system as goal.

The increasing market demand for improving the microclimate and vertical ventilation resulted into the Multifan V-FloFan. 


In cooperation with amongst others Wageningen University, TNO and practical testing at Fresh Valley in Maasbree the V-FloFan has been optimalized with an optimal air distribution, improved humidity control and energy savings as a result.  

Because of the experiences and knowledge exchange of the High Tech Greenhouse 2020, the V-FloFan can also be used for other possibilities besides greenhouses, such as vertical ventilation in poultry houses.


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