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specialist in air

Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive applicable for both single-phase as well as three-phase fans

IFD Tube Fan After the positive experiences with the energy-efficient variable speed control of three-phase fans, the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive is also well-suited for single-phase fans. This results into a unique fan drive, which functions optimally with both versions.








The single-phase version has some specific advantages:


  • Because of the FAST™ software an energy efficient control is possible
  • The Intelligent Fan Drive with the fan fits perfectly in companies which have a traditional single-phase supply 
  • The fan can not turn in the wrong direction
  • Extra isolation in the windings is not necessary anymore with the use of the Intelligent Fan Drive for both single-phase as well as three-phase fans
  • The Intelligent Fan Drive can be used as a replacement of traditional controls such as triac or transformers
  • The optional override switch is well-suited for single-phase and three-phase fans









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