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specialist in air

Multifan Energyline

During the Eurotier 2012 Vostermans Ventilation presents a new concept the Multifan Energyline indicated with a new logo: 




The market and regulations continue to impose higher demands on the effects of energy saving of fans.

For decades the company has been developing energy saving fans in its own R&D Factory.


Recently, fan efficiency within the Multifan Energyline concept has been improved where possible:


  • Further optimization of the motor-impeller combination
  • Adjustments of the fan periphery
  • Introduction of the Intelligent Fan Drive, an innovative single-phase input / three-phase output fan drive


Through these solutions Vostermans Ventilation offers a complete range of energy saving fans,which of course meets the new legislation ErP Directive (EU Commission Regulation 327/2011).


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