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Directives of European Union fans

Multifan Panel fan 50 Hz 50er no grill One of the goals of the European Community is to reduce the use of energy. The most important reason to create these Regulations is to realize a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions. In order to realize this reduction with regard to the ecodesign of motors and fans, an important regulation has been adopted:


Regulation EC 327/2011


This Regulation concerns the ecodesign of fans.


Vostermans Ventilation manufactures complete fans (motor-impeller combinations). The fans are designed to function optimally in and at a specific application, efficiency has always been a must.

An important part of this directive are efficiency requirements for fans. These requirements will be implemented in two stages, the first stage will be valid as of 1-1-2013 and the second as of 1-1-2015.


A large number of fans in the Vostermans Ventilation fan program already meet the first stage of this directive.

Fans for specific applications and with special requirements (e.g. sound level, safety), do not all meet this directive yet. Several projects have already been launched to make also these fans meet the necessary efficiency requirements. We will keep you informed through our website and newsletters!


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