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Multifan V-FloFan: vertical ventilation for greenhouses

Multifan V-FloFan In modern greenhouses ventilation plays a vital role. Through circulation of air, heat distribution in the greenhouses is optimized, which enhances a uniform development of the crops. Because of several energy technical improvements in modern greenhouses and more intensive cultivation methods, the necessity of controlling humidity levels on crop level increases.

With the Multifan V-FloFan, Vostermans Ventilation offers the grower the opportunity to reduce the negative impacts, due to humidity, in a simple and energy efficient way. The vertical and horizontal airflows result into an active microclimate on crop level.


The Multifan V-FloFan, a recirculation fan with unique features:


• An optimal vertical airflow through a special aerodynamic outflow hood

• The V-FloFan is applicable for several cultivation systems and crops by an outflow hood, which is adjustable in height

• Reduced number of fans per surface area in comparison to similar systems

• Energy-efficient fans/motors, developed and produced according future directives


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