specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air

Multifan Galvanized Box Fans and Galvanized Cone Fans: for optimal ventilation in livestock houses and factories

The demand for higher air volumes (up to 4 m/s) in tunnel ventilated livestock houses are increasing. Because of the voluminous constructions of poultry houses, fans have to be suitable to operate under higher pressures and deliver efficient ventilation. 


As “Specialist in Air” Vostermans Ventilation has more than 60 years experience with developing and producing fans with in-house produced motors for the (agricultural) market. The fans are highly rated worldwide because of their durability, efficiency and reliability.


Poultry ventilation with Multifan



With the extensive program of Galvanized Box Fans, Vostermans Ventilation offers a wide range of possibilities for efficient ventilation of livestock houses or factories. 

The products are characterized by their various dimensions and motors, allowing an adequate solution for each ventilation demand.


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