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specialist in air

Introduction of the Multifan Tube Fan 130

Increasing demands for high capacity ventilation chimneys have led to the development of the Multifan Tube Fan 130. This fan is based on the key components of the well-known Multifan 130 fan. It is the first belt-driven tube fan of this size! The standard fan is suitable for chimneys 1270 mm in diameter. Other diameters are available upon request. Efficient packaging in a box allows cost effective shipping.


  Multifan Tube Fan 130   N Tube 130 image   Tube 130 zijaanzicht


A summary of the facts and benefits:


  • High performance and high efficiency
  • IP55 electric motor with 3 years warranty
  • Designed for harsh environments as in farm buildings
  • Easy on-site assembly
  • Automatic V-belt tensioner for long maintenance intervals
  • Cost effective solution compared to competitors direct driven models








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