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specialist in air

Fiberglass Cone Fan line part of Innovation Gallery

One of the appealing products at the Innovation Gallery during the VIV Europe 2014 was the Fiberglass Cone Fan line from Vostermans Ventilation. In the Innovation Gallery, Vostermans Ventilation showed the 24" (63 cm) version, which is part of the full line of Fiberglass Cone fans. Product Manager Philip Lenaers presented the advantages and applications of the product in the Innovation Dome for an interested audience:


  • Maximal air performance
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise level
  • High durability
  • Easy to clean


There is a lot of attention for this fan line, especially for the American and Asian pork and poultry markets.


Fiberglass Cone fan VIV Europe 2014                       







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