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specialist in air

NEW: Multifan High Pressure Filter Fans

At the World Pork Expo 2015, Des Moines, USA, Vostermans Ventilation Inc. introduces the Multifan High Pressure Filter Fans. The addition of air filters in swine facilities will lead to higher resistance in the ventilation system. These Multifan High Pressure Filter Fans have been developed for filtered hog facilities or any application where an higher stable pressure area is required. Proper ventilation in hog barns results into improved pig performance, due to improved pig health and comfort. With the high pressure filter fans static pressure up to 0.5 inches of water can be achieved and as a result incoming air is mixed with the inside air, preventing cold spots and improved air mixing. The fans are standard equipped with corrosion proof PVC or aluminum inlet shutters. With durability and reliability as an asset, the Multifan High Pressure Filter Fans guarantees fresh air (up to 32,300 CFM) at low cost.


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