specialist in air
specialist in air

Application of the Multifan V-FloFan in North-American greenhouse

An ambitious North-American farmer grows with the market. After the first greenhouse for growing peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes started 1,5 year ago, already 3,7 million plants have been delivered. A further growth of the area is already realized for delivering plants throughout the whole year to Canadian and American growers. Besides the high flexibility, the hygiene protocols are important within the company. The increased, integrated biological crop protection is an important theme for the company.        


The company applies the Multifan V-FloFan. Reasons for using the V-FloFan the growers arguments include:


  • Realizing a uniform climate
  • Saving energy because the warm air flows back into the crops
  • Humidity is reduced


The full report of Hortidaily, which visited this company is available here


Multifan V-FloFan Multifan V-FloFan vertical ventilation         
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